Want to know how to find the perfect dress? Here are some great tips!
1. Be prepared: Wear the undergarments and any hosiery that you'll wear the night of your event. That way you'll get a real sense of what the dress will look like on your big night.
2. DON'T go shopping with a big group: Too many people = too many opinions=too hard to make a decision. Pick one close friend to give you her honest opinion, or bring a parent who you know will always tell you the truth. At the end of the day, you have to wear the dress so your opinion is what matters most.
3. Beware of online deals: You will get what you pay for, so be wary of online deals.  You may be able to find a good deal on the web, however some online stores can be misleading. How many times are you going to this special event?  Spend your dollars wisely in a reputable store or one you've used before. If the dress seems too good to be true, you might not be getting a bargain--you might end up with a cheaply made knock-off that's the wrong size and color or worse, no dress at all!
4. Size is just a number: Typically, formal dresses are cut smaller but don't let that get you down. Your salesperson will be there to help guide you to find the right size.
Happy Shopping, Ladies!